Professional Coaching

Dave Verma (International MBA mentor of the year) offers a range of coaching services that are tailored to help individuals achieve their professional goals, regardless of their career aspirations.

Executive Coaching is a specialized coaching interaction that aims to facilitate the thought process, challenge assumptions, and take action to support busy executives to deliver time-sensitive results and develop their careers. It provides a confidential and independent forum in which executives can develop, shape, and reshape strategies before implementing them, increasing the likelihood of success.

Business Coaching is a client-centred process that aims to facilitate creative outcomes related to strategic leadership and management of a company or organisation. It provides a non-judgmental and constructive environment to explore various possibilities before making critical decisions.

Leadership Coaching is designed to meet the ongoing professional development needs of leaders, given their unique technical knowledge and experience. It offers customized solutions to address areas of development that may potentially undermine their influence and provides a supportive environment for leaders to focus on their specific development needs.

Career Coaching is an interaction between the coach and the individual that aims to provide insight and confidence needed to make decisions regarding present or future career options. This service is suitable for individuals seeking support and constructive feedback to advance their careers.

Pre-uni, Post Uni, and First Career Coaching are designed explicitly for younger candidates and their unique needs. These coaching services offer guidance and support for critical decisions that younger candidates must make while providing a constructive and challenging environment to explore various options.

In summary, coaching with Dave Verma is a client-focused, thought-provoking, confidential, and non-judgmental approach to professional development. It differs from traditional training or mentoring and provides tailored support to individuals to achieve their professional goals.