Professional Coaching

Dave’s coaching is designed to help you, whatever career, professional or business aspirations you may have:

Executive Coaching – this is a specific coaching interaction used to facilitate thought, challenge and actions required to support the busy executive to deliver time sensitive results and to develop their careers.  It provides a confidential, challenging and independent forum in which to develop, shape, and reshape strategies before putting them into effect. In this way, you increase your chances of achieving the success you desire.

Business Coaching is a client-centered process used to facilitate creative outcomes in respect of matters associated with strategic leadership and management of a company or organisation. It provides a non-judgmental and constructively challenging environment in which to explore the endless possibilities before you make your decisions.

Leadership Coaching is designed to meet the ongoing professional development needs of the leader. Given the extent of technical knowledge and experience, each leader’s professional development need is unique when compared with that of others. It offers a custom made solution for your specific need; it provides an environment in which you can give attention to those areas of development that have the potential to undermine your influence.

Career Coaching is a supportive yet constructively challenging interaction with you and your coach.  Its primary purpose is to provide you with the insight and confidence needed to make decisions regarding your present or future career options.

Pre-uni, Post Uni and first career coaching is as above but designed specifically for younger candidates and their unique needs and the critical decisions they must make. 

To conclude, coaching is unlike training or mentoring.  It is a client-focussed, thought-provoking, confidential and non-judgemental approach to professional development.

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