Masterclasses for Business Analysts

Dave Verma’s one-day CPD Master Classes are designed to provide aspiring and experienced business analysts with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. Each master class focuses on a specific area of business analysis and offers practical insights and tools to help participants succeed:

  1. Requirements Elicitation and Management – This master class provides a deep dive into the critical task of requirements gathering and management. Participants will learn techniques for eliciting accurate and complete requirements from stakeholders, developing effective requirements documentation, and managing changes to requirements throughout the project lifecycle.
  2. Business Process Analysis and Design – This master class teaches participants how to analyze and optimize business processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will learn how to identify process inefficiencies, develop process maps and models, and design new processes to improve business performance.
  3. Data Analytics for Business Analysts – This master class provides an introduction to data analytics and its applications in business analysis. Participants will learn how to collect and analyze data, develop meaningful insights, and use data analytics to support decision-making and improve business outcomes.
  4. Probity Risk Assessments for Procurement Professionals – This master class is designed to help procurement professionals understand and manage the various and significant probity risks ┬áin their procurement processes. Participants will learn how to conduct risk assessments, develop prevention strategies, and detect and investigate these potentially damaging risks in procurement activities. The course will cover topics such as red flags, unethical external procurement schemes, and techniques for detecting and preventing these risks. By completing this master class, procurement professionals will be better equipped to manage the risks from financial probity abuses in their organisations and ensure that procurement activities are conducted ethically and transparently.
  5. Business Analysis for Compliance and Risk Management – This master class provides an overview of the critical role that business analysts play in compliance and risk management. Participants will learn how to identify and manage risks, develop compliance documentation, and work with stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance.

These one-day master classes have proven assist and add great value to aspiring and experienced business analysts with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and advance their careers as senior or principal business analysts, transformational consultants, change managers, and compliance and risk specialists.

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