Principal Business Analyst – Procurement- Compliance – Risk

Welcome to the website of Dave Verma MSc, Principal Business Analyst – a trusted advisor, problem solver and consultant with more than 25 years of experience.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Dave has become a trusted advisor to businesses across sectors, helping them navigate complex and high-risk, confidential and often contentious business matters.

Dave’s areas of expertise include procurement, business functions re-engineering and embedding best practices to ensure compliance and risk management. He has worked with businesses and organisations on all types of contentious, confidential, and high-risk matters, providing tailored solutions that help clients achieve their objectives while managing risks effectively.

Business Analysis Methods

As a specialist in business functions re-engineering, Dave has deep knowledge and expertise in business analysis methods. His approach to business analysis is focused on understanding the unique challenges faced by each client and developing customized solutions that address their specific needs. His methods include gathering and analyzing data, conducting stakeholder interviews, and utilizing industry best practices to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency.


Dave’s expertise in compliance spans a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology. He works closely with clients to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Dave’s approach to compliance is focused on creating a culture of compliance within the organization, with a particular emphasis on training and education for employees.

Risk Management

Dave’s risk management expertise includes identifying, assessing, and managing risks in a variety of contexts. He works with clients to develop risk management strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Dave’s approach to risk management is focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of the risks faced by the organisation, and developing strategies to mitigate those risks effectively.

Dave Verma is a seasoned compliance, security, and risk specialist with a wealth of experience helping businesses navigate complex and high-risk matters. His expertise in business functions re-engineering, compliance, and risk management, combined with his deep knowledge of industry best practices, makes him a trusted advisor to businesses across sectors.

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