About Dave Verma

Dave is one of the UK’s most experienced business analysts and risk experts, with a diverse background that includes leadership roles in both the private and public sectors. In addition to his work in corporate security and risk management, Dave has also served as a trusted advisor to various government agencies, providing strategic guidance and support in matters of national security.

Throughout his career, Dave has been called upon to lead contentious investigations resulting from security breaches, both in the private and public sectors. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of security and risk management have proven invaluable in these high-stakes situations, where the consequences of a breach can be catastrophic.

In his role as a government advisor, Dave has worked on a range of sensitive and complex issues, from cyber threats to international relief, aid. He has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by government agencies and has developed tailored solutions to help mitigate risks and ensure the safety and security of the public.

Despite his busy schedule, Dave remains committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He has mentored many aspiring business analysts and risk experts and is a regular speaker at industry events and conferences. He is also the author of several articles on business transformation, compliance, investigation and risk management, which have been widely read and respected in the field.

In conclusion, Dave Verma is a highly experienced and respected business analyst and risk expert, with a proven track record of helping businesses and government agencies manage risks effectively. His expertise in corporate security, risk management, and business analysis, combined with his deep knowledge of industry best practices, make him a valuable partner to organisations across sectors.

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