About Dave Verma

Dave has started his career back in the late 80s in accounting and finance. By the mid 90s he had left finance and had become one of the UK’s foremost fraud and corruption investigators, this culminated in Dave lecturing for 11 years at the prestigious Detective Training School at Hendon. Training over 8,000 Detectives over that time gave Dave a deep insight into how effective communication works. To say this is a demanding audience is an understatement.

Dave reveals to clients the questions most likely to be asked, and then helps them formulate the most compelling ideas, experience and examples to incorporate into their responses. Dave is also an expert in public speaking and has prepared numerous clients to give superlative talks, presentations and to be prepared for corporate shareholder meetings.

As part of his coaching, Dave guides clients to find their authentic narrative and then teaches the necessary skills to enable them to deliver this with passion and persuasiveness.

Dave has a Masters Degree in Information Security and was invited back to mentor other masters degree students on both MSc and MBA courses. In 2017 he was awarded the International MBA Mentor of the year award.

Since then Dave has lectured for various Chartered Institutions, at Universities and in his own right. He continues to assist his own private clients to achieve communications success.

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