Hi Dave,

Here’s what happened at the  interview last Friday, used your methods when the interview nerves started to kick in while I was waiting at reception. The breathing really helped as did the body relaxation methods.  As predicted they asked me about my strengths and weaknesses and career history, why I wanted the job and what skills I could bring to the organisation. The preparation we did really helped ! The fact that we had been through all this so many times meant that I could go into a much more relaxed state when I was answering. I came across well and did not stutter. This is the first time in 10 years I’ve been able to have a job interview and not be overcome with nerves. Thanks so much, whatever the outcome I feel interview was a success.

Best regards



Dear Dave,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help with the presentation. As you know this was not easy for me and I was completely out of my comfort zone presenting to my European colleagues at the venue in Holland.

The body language work coupled with the amount of times we had practised standing up and delivering the intro really helped.  Once I was off to a good start it seemed to flow and there were lots of questions. Avoided the death by PowerPoint scenario you warned me about! Ha ha.

I had a fair few emails saying the talk was interesting and that people gained much from it. This is very useful as I will be going for a promotional opportunity within the next six months.

Thanks again.



Dear Dave,

After our three sessions I took the interview for the medical degree,  as we thought the group indeed fell into a heated discussion and did not agree on the way forward, as you said would happen – the ego’s starting to come out! I our plan into action and took command of the group. I have never done this before and our plan worked ! As I was talking the panel took notes and I could see them writing furiously as I explained the merits of both sides of the argument and suggested the middle road and a hybrid model.

I would recommend your coaching to anyone…you know the outcome Dave, I got it my place ! Can’t thank you enough.

Do keep in touch



Hi Dave,

More than happy to provide this recommendation for your site. I had a gone for supervisory and management roles many times over the previous five years. I was always pipped to the post by somebody else.  This was especially upsetting as the successful candidates always seems to be from outside the organisation. You help me understand how I could shine and for the first time I felt over prepared for whatever they could ask me.

Going through my previous experience and highlighting beneficial points and also guiding me to really understanding the job description and person specification of the job I was going for was critical and something I had not done before.

The practice we did in terms of answering the predicted questions really paid off!

I can’t wait to start my new job – it’s really give me a boost in my personal and professional life.

Thank you



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